A flowerless room is a soulless room.
— Vita Sackville-West

Greetings from our family farm in Murrysville, Pennsylvania! We’d like to introduce ourselves and our work. We’re the McConaheys, and we want to be your source for specialty cut flowers.

We’re long-time gardeners and emphatic flower admirers. We love the perfume of the old rose, the refinement of the tulip, the ruffled splendor of the ranunuculus, and the billowy charm of the peony. After all, what’s not to love? Flowers console us. They uplift us. They refresh us and adorn our lives!

For us, there’s no greater pleasure than strolling through our flower fields and breathing in the enlivening fragrance of the blooms.

Have you ever noticed that a typical grocery store bouquet or bunch of flower shop roses smells less like flowers than like pungent chemicals? That’s because about 80% of all cut flowers sold in America come from countries (mainly in South America and Africa, where working conditions are terrible), in which dangerous horticultural chemicals are used with abandon. These imported flowers, many of them specially engineered to withstand the trials of international travel, are often stripped of their fragrance—and, with it, so much of their magic. They are raised in giant commercial greenhouses, drenched in fungicides, dry-packaged, and spend days sitting in containers at airports before reaching their final destinations, at which point they might have been out of water for a week—the poor dears! It’s no wonder they’re exhausted and nearly dead when finally they make it into the vase on your bedside table!

We offer something better. Our flowers come to you fresh from our field, where they have been nourished by the rain and the sun and the soil. Each bloom has been planted, tended, and harvested with meticulous care—and by our own hands. Our farm fresh flowers last longer in the vase because they never spend very long out of water, and you can be certain that our blooms have not been treated with harmful pesticides.

In our commitment to bringing the burgeoning national trend toward local, seasonal flowers to our hometown, we are raising flowers responsibly and sustainably. We make every effort to run our business in harmony with our natural environment, implementing organic practices and always striving to improve the land on which we grow.

We are dedicated craftsmen, focused single-mindedly on cultivating beauty. We are farmers, and we believe in a hard day’s work. We are a small business, committed to bettering our community and our country. We understand our part in this endeavor as small but consequential, and we’re working to build something lasting and important.

Please let us know if you’d like to become a Summer House client, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you’ve got questions.

Field to vase. Give it a try!


The McConaheys